Al Baha

The word Al-Baha(or Baha) means “open space”, “water”; and “abundant palm tree”; and the “midline of a road”;.  Al-Baha region is divided to the west is
a coastal plain, Tihama. East is the mountain range of al-Sarawat, known as al-Sarat, with an elevation of 1,500 to 2,450 m above sea level, rich of natural parks and forest with Baboons. It has a  population of 411,888 (2010 estimate).  Also the historical Elephant Road where  the emperor of Yemen passed through Baha on his way to Makkah 1500 years ago.  Thei Ayin is an ancient village estimated to be about 400 years, village name means spring water. The village contains some 31 old houses mosque.
The houses are of 2-7 storeys tall built by stones with roofs supported by Juniper wood, decorated with quartz stones cut into solid triangles. The village is famous for cultivation the bananas. The village renovated recently and opens for visitor.

Al Baha city takes your 2 hors time to great clear idea about the cultural and local heritage for a nice small village become a very modern and big city full with attraction site to visit and enjoy the tour.

Al Baha Experience
The overnight option good option to explore more at Baha region you can visit the marble village , walking among the Sarawat Mountains in fresh environment with a stop at the heritage stone houses and local museum, we recommend to spent 2 nights / 2 days.