Al Jouf

Al-Jouf region is located in the north western part of  the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia situated along the border with Jordon for 500km. According to historical evidence Al Jouf dates back to more than four thousand years and is one of the richest regions in the Kingdom for inscriptions as old as Thamudic, Nabatieh and the early Islamic and Greek. During the Thamudic period the Jouf region was economically prosperous and politically stable. Cities: Sakaka Governate, Al Qurayyat, Jandal and 30 villages AL-Jouf agricultural area is rich in water and famous for the cultivation of  12 olive trees and one million palm trees. Population 24.8610 according to the 2010 census.

Al Jouf a reach history province on the ancient trade road north of Saudi , need couple of days to travel around the main cites (Skaka, Dumat Al Jandal and  Al Qurayyat) to dive into their great heritage  and know more about the 5 female queens role the ancient Arab  kingdom in the past.  Very special environment where you find   palm and olives trees grow together at the same farms surround  by a mountains and magnificent desert another story you need to discover.

    1. Dumat Al Jandal & Sakaka trip 
    2. Al Qurayyat trip 
    1. Olive Season Tour