Al Qassim

Al Qassim is about 350 km north-west of Riyadh. It is an important location at  the junction of major trade routes and a station for pilgrims heading to Mecca and Medina coming from the Gulf States. It is known to be the “vegetable basket”  of the country for its farming assets. Al Qassim comprises of 15 cities with a variety of very interesting and rich places to visit such as Maqsoorat Al-Swaylim& Al-Rajhi which are a big archeological palaces with several extensions built centuries ago in Al Bukairyah town. Dates and Camel markets have recently been built to meet modern standards and the region is full of green houses producing many different kinds of vegetables. The population is 1,215,858 (Governorate’s 2010 estimate)

Al Qassim offering us a many type of fruits and dates duirng the harvest season, Haya Tours bulid a good conection with few of the local farms where we can visit at the same day or spent the night at one of a claims and clean town, We are happy to share with you this tours:

    1. Dates Markets and farms
    2. Peach farms tour
    3. Grapes farms tour
    4. Fig farms tour
    5. Vegetable farm and green houses