Najran is a province of Saudi Arabia, located in the south of the country along  the border with Yemen. Najran is inhabited by the powerful Yam tribe, population 505,652 (Governorate’s 2010 estimate) .  Najran contains of the flat region which lies in the middle of Najran. It has several valleys, the most famous of them being Najran’s valley. the mountainous region which is in the west and the north.  The name of Najran means “the piece of
wood in which the hinge of the door goes around”;. The word “Najran”; also means thirsty. Sites and land marks: Al Okhdoo,  Hama Wells, Arooq Bani Ma’redh 

    1. Najran city center   
    1. Najran Cultural Tour 
    2. Najran Valley and local farms.