Al Ghat

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The pretty town sleeping at Tweak mountains

Al Ghat town is located 230 km north-west of Riyadh. It is a green oasis in the side of Tuwaiq Mountain which rises 800 meters above sea level and overlooks the town, valleys and farms. The name of the town comes from the Arabic word Laght meaning a strong flow of water flowing into the valleys. The Governorate’s population is 14.405 (2010 estimate). Al Ghat contains many heritage sites, where there were Thamudi dwelling thousands of years ago. The region is also famous for having spring water flowing all year! These springs can be found at Gulth. The town contains a lot of date farms famous for the quality of the many different types.

Day 1
Day tour highlight:

8:00 am pick up time

10:30am estimated time to arrive Al Gaht

A one day trip, two hours’ drive from Riyadh by coach. You will visit Qaser Al-Amarah, the old town, Al Rahmaniya Cultural Centre and enjoy a walk in the

protected National Park. A local lunch will be provided.

3:00pm End the tour

Tour price 360 SAR

  • Haya Tours bus.
  • Local tour guide.
  • Pick-up and drop-off form Alia Plaza.


  • Food

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Al Ghat