Al Kharj

Al Kharj is a town and governorate located 80 km south of Riyadh AL- Kharj is defined largely by the wide valley known as Wadi al-Sahba where the floods of many other wadis such as Wadi  Hanifa are deposited. And several fresh water springs (called asyah or uyun) that  flowed towards the surface through apertures in the earth. As a result the Kharj  district has historically been one of the  richest locations in Arabia in water resources, and has supported grain production since ancient times. However, springs of Al-Kharj, like those of neighbouring al-Aflaj have completely dried up in the last two decades. Al Kharj is the source of the agricultural production, producing more than 25% of the production of vegetables in the Kingdom. It is home to the largest companies, farms, dairy plants and poultry. Al Kharj oasis produces dates, vegetables and fruits. There is also livestock and poultry, as well as horse breeding. There are also large industries for processed food. The Governorate’s population is 376.325  (2010 estimate).

A one day trip, one hours’ drive from Riyadh by coach. You will visit the cumulus tomb stones dating back 4000BC, King Abdulaziz’s Palace, Al-Ayun Al Kharj, and a private museum. A lunch box will be served during the tour .

Day 1
Day tour highlight:

8:00 am pick up time then drive to destination by Haya Tour bus

09:00am: Estimated arrival time to begin the tour of

◦ The Cumulus Stone Tombs (4000 BC)

◦ King Abdulaziz Palace

◦ Awyun Al Kharj

◦ Arish King Abdulaziz Park – The King sat here beneath a canopy of palm trees when he visited, among the beautiful, rich farms and crops.

◦ Al Musaa private heritage museum

1:00 pm: end the trip to Riyadh

2:00 pm: Arrival time in Riyadh at the pick-up point

Tour price 360 SAR

  • Haya Tours bus.
  • Local tour guide.
  • Pick-up and drop-off form Alia Plaza.
  • Light lunch meal with refreshment.


  • Food

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Is the trip suites the kids ?

Yes, it’s good for kids

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Al Kharj