Camel Beauty Festival

The pure arabian camel show

Haya Tour is the first tour operator to arrange visits to the festival for tourists since the festival began 13 years ago.

The festival takes place on December-January.  Located 320km northeast of Riyadh at UmRgabah the magnificent golden sand dune of Aldhna, It’s a wonderful opportunity to take great photos of a large variety of camels in one place. 

The camel owner participants are from KSA and gulf countries and proudly show more than 10,000 camels during the 31 day festival. The camels are shown according to their coolers, white, brown, red and black. The festival is held annually and camel sales during this time reach over one hundred million riyals.  Also includes a huge famous souk including food, handmade goods, souvenirs, camping equipment and much more. Exhibitions of classic cars, falcons and heritage items can also be found.

Day 1
Day tour highlight:

5:00 am pick up time

7:30am estimated time to arrive to location

A one day trip, three hours’ drive from Riyadh by coach. You will attend the camel show, stop by the souk and visit the different exhibitions. Lunch will be provided.

3:00pm End the tour

Tour price 360 SAR

  • Haya Tours bus.
  • Local tour guide.
  • Pick-up and drop-off form Alia Plaza.


  • Food

Where are happy to answer your question:

Can we go by our ca?

Yeas, you can drive to the festival very clear location and save road to drive.

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Camel Beauty Festival