Mratt is a town in the Shagraa province, located about 180km north west of Riyadh. Mratt got its name because it is the first city to appear on Al Washim from the east (mirror of Al Washim area), or because it is full of quartz stone (Mratt) which is famous in the region.The city began in the pre-Islamic era. Its location on the old road to Hijaz (Makkah) made it a very important city during the times of the Kindah kingdom (there is a protected area which is awaiting exploration). The famous Arab poet Imru’ Al-Qais (526-565 A.D.) was from the Kindah kingdom.

Trip Details
A one day trip, 1:30 hours’ drive from Riyadh by coach. You will visit Qumat Mountain, Qumat Pond, Al Waleed water well from the early Islamic era, Al Dwaihi mud brick heritage museum and then take a walk in the old town and visit the open area near to Makmakyh Mountain where you will find fossils and evidence of old civilizations. A
lunch box will be provided.

Day 1
Trip highlight:

8:00am: Pick up time

10:30 am: Arrival in Mratt,

Stope at very attractive landmarks: Qumat Mountain, Qumat Pond Old town, Al Waleed water well Al Dwaihi mud brick Heritage Museum

Caves and quartz valley

4:30 pm: end the trip

6:30 pm: Arrival time in Riyadh at the pick-up point

Tour price 360 SAR

  • Haya Tours bus.
  • Local tour guide.
  • Pick-up and drop-off form Alia Plaza.
  • Light lunch meal with refreshment.


  • Food

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