Tayma Trip

The city of the oldest wall and great history

The Tayma governate is located 264 miles to the southeast of Tabuk and has  a population of 36,199 (Governorate’s  2010 estimate). The Tayma governate has a large number of monuments and historical and natural landmarks and is very well-  known for its fresh water, fertile soil and  moderate climate. Tayma is also important for its geographical location which made it a settlement of civilizations for many centuries. It is also an important link between the south  Arabian Peninsula and Syria, Egypt, Persia and Turkey.Numerous civilizations have flourished successively in Tayma since the  beginning of the modern Stone and Bronze Ages. During the Iron Age, Tayma flourished and became one of the most important towns in the northern Arabian Peninsula.

Day 1
Day Trip Higlight:

8:00 am pick up time, Drive (225 Km) from Tabuk airport to Taymaa

111:300 am arrival to Taymaa stop by :,

Taymaa ancient wall, Al Hamra palace and Al Radham palace, Qurayah archaeological sites. Al Samawel Palace and Al Bejeedi palace, Haddaj Well, and Governor’s palace mud house area.

Taymaa museum closed

4:00pm End of the tour then drive back to Tabuk

Full day tour price 650 SAR

  • Haya Tour bus or USVs.
  • Local tour guide.
  • Pick-up and drop-off. .


  • Flight tickets , hotel and food.

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Are there hotel in Tayma?

Yea, there are apartment hotel

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Tayma Trip