Wahba Crater


Al Wahba is the largest volcanic crater in the Middle East and Asia. The Crater is about 2 km in diameter and about 400 meters in depth.  It is located about 250 km north-east of Taif which is south-west of Riyadh, near Makkah. The research of geologists confirms that Wahba Crater is an extinct volcano and that it was not caused by an asteroid colliding with the earth millions of years ago. Some areas of the crater have greenery with wild plants and a number of trees, notably palm trees, the region’s famous Dom trees (they are named for the nearby town of Umm Dom), and Arak trees.  In the bottom of the crater there is occasionally a small waterfall formed by precipitation in the region.  Coating the center of the crater is a white layer of white sodium phosphate crystals believed to have been formed by a shallow lake.  Small pieces of obsidian and peridot (a semi-precious stone) can be found in the crater.

You will drive for approximately 6 hours along the Riyadh-Makkah highway either in your own car or a Haya Tour car (map & directions will be provided).

A local tour guide will meet you at the main turn off and take you safely to the camp site.  Traditional Saudi welcome with tea, coffee and dates, overnight tent camping on a half board basis.  A guided walk down into the crater is optional.

Second option to fly to Taif airport then drive to Wahaba Crater with your guide.

Day 1
Day 1:

8:00am drive to Taif by bus/car via Riyadh-Makkah road around 6 hours.

2:00 pm meet your tour guide at the Ex. 325 on the highway.

3:00 pm arriving to the camp next to the crate , enjoy walking around the crate explore the lava rock.

Day 2
Day 2:

6:00 am walk down the crater (optional), Free walk around the crater 

9:30 am breakfast served 

11:00 am drive back to Riyadh

6:00 pm estimate time to arrive Riyadh

Price 1500 SAR / pax

  • Haya Tour bus or USVs.
  • Local tour guide.
  • Pick-up and drop-off form Taif airport.
  • Required 4+ people to run the trip.


  • Flight fair, food and hotel.

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When is the best month to go?

The best month we commandeered first week of February and during Winter and spring

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Wahba Crater